Tuesday, April 22, 2008

there and back again

Not that much changed while we were gone.

Florida, it was. The land of Spanish moss and alligators. (or are they crocodiles?) Anyway - here's a picture of the place. 17th fairway, I think it was, dusk.Here's a picture of the stone already up at the greenwood, when we left. Here, you'll see there's a bit more up, after our few days gone. The rain has also taken off quite a bit of the stone dust. . . .Inside, the posts have gone up. After viewing samples, we had ordered the 'rough-hewn' posts. They are rough enough to take your skin off. Plan B: take the sample in to the supplier and request that he make the beams like the sample. Unfortunately, that will entail the making of sawdust. Lots of sawdust.

Live and learn.

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