Wednesday, April 30, 2008

random growing things

On one walk through the greenwood yesterday - in order - this is what I saw:

Sweet woodruff.
The Pod People - apparently also known as "Mayapples". I've never seen these before. They're everywhere!
Ferns. Also everywhere.
Here, the ferns and Pod People live together. Waterfront, you know. It's always crowded around waterfront - even a little stream.
Jack in his pulpit!
Toadstools. . . . ah - and (look carefully) ferns and that's a Pod Person in the top left. . . . just a bit of him. Oh, and there's one in the top right, as well. This is really intercultural living at its most multicultural!
Some kind of star moss, about to flower.
Laurel. And this is Lone Laurel - about to bloom.
The most amazing thing? All this is growing wild. Just there. Everywhere.

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