Thursday, June 5, 2008

growing apace

He's getting big.

I keep meaning to photograph him in front of a brick wall, say, so you can see - graphically - how much he's grown.

Trying to photograph Luther, though, is like trying to herd cats. Which he does much better than I. At least, he gets the cat behind the sofa and then keeps her there by means of galumphing from one end of the sofa to the other, snorfling. The cat's contribution to the game is an unearthly howling. Periodically she emerges, fur and claws akimbo, to dispatch Luther to the other side of the room. Momentarily.

All very entertaining. . . . sigh.

Some times I succeed in distracting Luther with Mr. Hedgehog.Not for long, though. He is nothing if not dedicated! (Wouldn't you rather play with a real live hedge-cat?)

We're on Plan X for the dog & cat peaceful coexistence negotiations.

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