Saturday, June 14, 2008

lessons from Luther - growing

Growing is hard work. It's a full-time job. It requires full concentration when awake and lots of sleep when otherwise.

It does not require caution or proceeding slowly. That's what the humans are for.

My Job: taste and/or eat as many things as caninely possible and chew on my human chew-toys.
Their job: run around after me, prying things that will kill me out of my mouth, setting things aright before they have toppled over and killed me, and producing small tasty treats whenever I have [momentarily - and completely accidentally, I assure you] done something that has either preserved my life or seems to be in accordance with the wierd sounds issuing from my people.

Generally, it's a howling nooooooooooo.

I only howl when I am alone and in need of consolation and the appearance of one of my humans.

They are very strange.

Meanwhile, I have to get back to growing. Like I said: full-time job. This part is the sleeping part. This helps me concentrate when I am awake. I have also found that I get my best growth-spurts while asleep.
I understand that someone sent the queen the exhortation to live life in such a way that Satan says:
Oh shit. She's awake!
I am trying to live in just such a way, myself.

Watch out, world! I'm awake. . . .

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