Thursday, June 26, 2008

more of this - and that. . . .

The first stucco coat has dried back to a very light gray.
Meanwhile, we continue the search for the "right" stucco colour! Either of the two grays on the far left will work - don't like the 3rd one in (too blue) - but we can't seem to get the yellow in the right vicinity. The darkest one in the picture is very intense, in person. Attempts to split the difference have all yielded pretty much the same shade, on three different panels, as you see on the 3 panels to the right. We are promised yet another panel today, at only 80% of the intense yellow. I am hopeful that will do it.
Meanwhile, the kitchen has arrived. We were leaving as Scott-kitchenguy and Tom-builder dealt with the persnickety truck driver who wouldn't back his truck down the driveway, and who wouldn't pull in either, for fear of not being able to turn the rig around.


Bigger trucks than his have made other deliveries already. . . . Tom-builder broke out the forklift and that did the trick. We were leaving as the first load was coming in.

Wow - we are set to be moving in something like 6 weeks! I'm not really comprehending this. Not really.

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