Wednesday, June 11, 2008

slated question

This is the floor we want to put in. It's slate.I think it's gorgeous, but I have a question. OK, questions:

How long does it stay so dusty?

Should we seal it?

Oil it?


Luther likes it.

That's another concern.

Just above his right paw you can see the dark saliva mark on the gray square where he went over to gnaw on it. Having been scolded for that [Leave it, Luther!] you can see that he has transferred his attention to the grout.

What is it with this dog and rock?! I don't get it.

Any insights?


Bru said...

Torre & Suda -

He's getting so big! He really is adorable.

susaenneli said...

I would seal it otherwise you will not get the grout off. We had slate put in in our little 3x3 foyer and they told us we have to seal them.