Thursday, June 5, 2008

flora, revisited

You remember lone laurel.Well, maybe you don't. I think I only thought I had mentioned it a lot. It's a single laurel in small tree form, that grows in the woods behind our house. We stumbled upon it in one of the first walks through the property, long before we had any idea even where the house would go, let alone what it would look like.

I had no idea what this thing would look like in bloom. Truth told: I thought it would be a little scrawny. It's a native woodland shrub, how spectacular could it be?

Pretty spectacular.
Just look at those blossoms. Amazing.
Look closer. Each flower has little parasol-like ribs! I think it's incredible. Who could come up with this stuff?!Elsewhere, the flowers on the raspberry vines hint that it will be a very good year for raspberries. I gathered a pint in minutes last year. They are delicious.
And again, I am overcome with amazement and gratitude. The greenwood just "came like that" - with amazing flowering shrubs, flowers, and berries. They grow wild.

Our job? Not to mess it up.

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