Friday, June 27, 2008

still no colour

But we have pictures.
And we know one thing: all-gray is a little drab.
Still, can you picture this in yellow? It may be too much. Then again, it may be just the thing! I think we're going to go for it, though, if stucco-man can get us another yellow panel that's dialed back just a bit. He didn't have one - as promised - when I was there yesterday.

Oh: and it appears that Luther has roundworms. Lovely! The vet (and all her friendly assistants) know him by name now, and make inquiries and send regards.
Meanwhile, the hood fan that was causing such havoc - and a no-show for so long - has arrived. And sits. And waits. And no hood framing has taken place all week, although Al-builder was clamoring for the thing on Monday.

In another "meanwhile", it appears that the entire roomful of big boxes which I assumed was the entirety of the kitchen (I tried to photograph it, but I didn't have a wide-enough angle and a picture of just boxes is not real interesting) is really only half the shipment. Scott-kitchenguy just called to tell me he'd "re-checked" and was "glad he'd caught that."

OK then. I think I'll just let that go without further comment.

In some good news, I think I've finally tracked down a decent source for the countertop.



a simple yarn said...

You are reminding me why I will never build a house. Okay, never say never, I suppose, but still....

the queen said...

ah. . . . yeah.

Himself keeps accusing all of those he's calling his "so-called friends", who - the last time he built a house - had obligingly agreed to shoot him if he were ever even to talk about building another one.

nancy said...

when i lived in europe my brother was building his house...he wrote me a letter saying it had been the longest year of his life. he then said...he thought he would build one every he could then live...forever!