Saturday, November 10, 2007

day of rest - regroup

We went to the Greenwood and had a bit of a picnic today. Baguettes with brie and ham, and Orangina to drink. Good stuff!

We still can't figure out how everything will fit into this clearing. There's a front courtyard and a side courtyard, and - although the clearing looks large, it doesn't look that large!

I understand that size perception changes drastically during a building project, depending on the stage. There are times when everything looks way too big and then it changes to too small. . . . Here's hoping that it ends up like Goldilocks: just right.

Here's a view from the "backyard", up to the house.

We finished lunch in the Jeep (it was a little too chilly out and damp for a picnic blanket. . . .) and then went for a walk down to the creek.

Here's a shot down at the creek.

Man, I love this place! This was just what I needed. What I can't convey is the feel and the aroma of the place. Heaven.

Imagine: a place where ferns grow wild! And wildflowers. Trilliums; Mayapples; Jack-in-the-pulpits.

Oh, and we saw a white-tailed doe. Leaping and cavorting aparently just for the joy of it.

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