Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the hole

Digging has commenced. Compare this picture to the left, with the picture to the right (which I posted yesterday and which you will immediately recognize as the library - left front corner of the house.) to see that digging has indeed commenced (and yes, the picture to the left is also the library - good terrain recognition!)

The for-now-excess dirt makes the digger look like a Tonka toy.

Here's the man in charge, checking marks on earth against marks on paper. We can't figure out what this 5 or 6 foot wide trench is. . . .

Here's a big overview - man, it looks like a football field! I'm so impressed with how flat they were able to leave it. I'm a little worried, though: this makes it look like the house is huge and the courtyard virtually non-existent. I think I must not be understanding just what it is that the digging is for. I have heard about backfilling after the foundation walls are poured, so that makes me think that the house is actually considerably smaller than what we're seeing on the ground.I hope so. This looks like a Walmart site. Not what I had in mind. . . .

OK - time for a little 'king of the mountain'. Or 'queen' - as the case may be!

Here's the sky at sunset as we left.
We didn't want to go.

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