Thursday, November 29, 2007

we have CONCRETE

oh my. . . . the concrete arrives!

This is SO exciting. We got to the property this afternoon and saw 2 concrete trucks - which impressed me no end until we walked past them and saw three more trucks - and then some sort of boom truck, a pumper truck?
(Those are our shadows, bottom front right. . . . )

Here's the first truck, moved into position to drop its concrete.

And here's the obligatory front left corner - the library - whose progress we've been following so closely.

Overview. They've extended the boom out over the whole site and are pouring the front footers for the guesthouse.

Meanwhile, the forest has opened up even more just this last week. Yes, that's 'lone laurel" again in the foreground.

This red maple sapling, below, has three grown-up-sized leaves still clinging to its single branch. . . . Still red against the browns and fading yellows of the fallen leaves.

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