Thursday, November 15, 2007

what is going on?!

The architect's numbers appear to have changed from the "final" drawings that were submitted to the county. This, because the engineer couldn't make the numbers "work" so that he could stake out the house.

The new numbers are still problematic - or so the engineer says - so he came up with others. Somehow, the house is now going to be a foot bigger? But only in the back. . . . or so the numbers seem to say.


Now, the builder is nervous. He doesn't understand the numbers, either.

I called the architect and left the required message. (he doesn't answer his phone). He called the engineer, who he claims told him he'd gotten the numbers to work. Right. He got 'em to work by changing them. . . . The architect blames me for 'causing trouble'.


The architect and the engineer understand one another perfectly (according to the architect) - it's just that the house isn't getting built. And that's not his problem, he says. But I thought that that was the point of this exercise.

What the hell is going on here?! Whatever part of hell it is: MUST GO NOW. Out!

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