Monday, November 19, 2007

monster at rest - another Sunday. . . .

OK - so we went to the Greenwood with two friends yesterday, and saw the monster at rest. The above is a close up of what will hopefully be moving about today, spreading the 2-inch construction gravel for the driveway and possibly helping dig the foundation.

I have an email in to the engineer asking what the final result was on the numbers, as the architect seems to think that everything 'worked out in the end.'

Wouldn't that be nice?

Here's a picture of one of our friends, Dubya, giving the monster the right ideas of motion for the next day.

Hopefully against more than just that little sapling in the foreground.

We wandered the woods and found another tree with writing carved onto it - but it's a mystery as to what it says. The first word looks like "Dad", but we weren't entirely sure.

The king and I plan a trip this afternoon and I'll hope to document a large hole.

How exciting!

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