Tuesday, November 6, 2007

glitch. . . .

We were all excited that the timing couldn't have been more perfect with respect to the clearing and then a bit of a delay before the staking-out, because we had an out-of-town wedding to attend.

Staking was to commence today, but yesterday we discovered that the head surveyor needs the overall dimensions of the project and "won't take responsibility" for adding the various components together. . . .

SO. . . . phone call flurry erupted between king, survey-man and architect-message-machine and now another waiting game begins. The architect may be expected to take several days to return the call. Then, he will complain that he has done all that is required. After the whining, hopefully he will do whatever it is that survey-man wants. (although I must say here that if the County did not require this - and they seem to require just about everything you can imagine, including GPS coordinates. . . . - I am having a hard time figuring out just why the Engineer-Surveyor is apparently unable to decipher the County-approved building plans, for which the Engineer secured the grading permit.)


And don't talk to me about the bill. Every time you call or email about anything, you get charged for it.

You know what? I find myself angry.

I expect this will not be the last time I am angry. It's not the first, either. So: deep breath. Soldier on.

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