Thursday, May 1, 2008

the paver and other details

John and red-haired-guy - you remember red-haired-guy, don't you? Pictured below. I can't ever remember his name. It's a failing of mine.Anyway, John and red-haired-guy are getting lots of practice with the herringbone pattern.They're putting in pavers, now. Herringboned.
As you see. They're really getting good at it!

We missed yesterday, but we'll be at the greenwood later this afternoon and I'm hoping the rest of the porch pavers will be done - and who knows about the tower?! They've had two whole days to finish off that little bit left up top. . . .

Meanwhile, I'm obsessing over kitchen sinks, a missing eight inches of kitchen cabinets - or was it seven? - and overwhelmed with light fixtures. Who would have thought there could be so many light fixtures? None of which I seem to like. . . . So far.

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