Thursday, May 29, 2008

final grade

No, not that kind of grade. . . . the grading around the house. They got a good handle on it, yesterday. I understand it should be pretty well finished, today. Here's the front.
Here's the studio and inside courtyard. My herb garden wants to live next to the studio, as that's where the sun lives!

It still falls off a bit in the back, but they weren't done back here, as of yesterday. That's where they spread out all the gunky stuff they dug up from the front, mired, courtyard.

You can walk all the way around the house, now, without getting stuck in mud. Here's a view I think I'm seeing for the first time, or at least one I haven't seen much of, as the side of the house has been a quagmire.

I wonder what will happen if I put a few plants in? By the way, the ones I planted back here have done fine. In fact, the black mondo has already sent out a few runners. The mini-mondo had a harder time of it, being uprooted twice. . . .

I can't imagine that any of the critters at the greenwood are going to be interested in anything planted in the graded zone, though.

I could be wrong.

I'll have to throw a mondo or two out there and see what becomes of him. Maybe a liriope. They're bigger. Better able to take care of themselves, which is what every plant will have to be doing there, at least at first. . . .

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