Wednesday, May 7, 2008

drum roll please

The stone tower is done - the stone part of it, anyway. . . .

I have a picture - but the scaffolding is still up. I'm going to wait and see if that comes down today so I can get an unobstructed shot. Finally!

I think the masons are almost as pleased about the tower as I am. They were certainly delighted to hear me woo-hooing as they packed up their tools yesterday afternoon, having worked a bit longer than usual to finish it up before quitting time. These guys travel 2 hours to get here every day, can you imagine?!

Anyway - we have them a bit longer still, as they still have window surrounds and Houndstooth studio to finish.

Tom-builder says he will grade, soon, as well. Oh yeah! Can you spell "g-a-r-d-e-n"?

Which brings me to another issue. A problem.

After my red letter day of the first planting at the greenwood, some dastardly denizen keeps digging up what I put in!

They don't eat it, mind you, just dig it up and leave it out - roots all exposed. What's with that, do you think?!

Gardening might be harder at this location than I suspected. I have visions of me sitting out on a straight-backed chair, shotgun over my knees. . . . .

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