Monday, May 26, 2008

I dunno. . . . I think he's likes it here

He's certainly making himself to home!

He and I are banished out on the porch even as we speak, however, because he has not done "the business" and therefore can not be trusted inside. It's hard to type in the dark! Yes, I have candles on, but the screen (even turned down as far as it will go) is still bright enough that you can't see the keypad at all. . . .

Luckily, I'm used to no-see-em's on the keypad. For years, I had a small laptop whose letters had worn off the keys. It's amazing how many people can't type without the letters on the keys, even when they really do 'know' the keyboard'. . . .

I pulled out my travel guitar to help while away the time - drum roll - this had been a long time coming.

Luther likes music. He laid right down, right next to my feet.

Now. . . . if only he would consent to 'do the business' so we could go back inside!

Funny how you want more than anything to be where you know you can't be. Something for me to remember when I'm giving Luther a hard way to go, because he's trying every which way to get back to the concrete bench that's right next to his bed out here on the porch.

Did you ever know a dog to try and eat concrete?!

No. Me neither.

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