Saturday, May 3, 2008

red letter day

This is a red letter day!

Being the day on which I planted the very first plant at the Greenwood.

Our first plant, that is. As already somewhat documented, the place came fully stocked with an assortment of really lovely already-naturalized plantings.

Thank you!

Anyway - here's what I planted: Mondo. Black (top left) and one dwarf (bottom right). That looks to be a volunteer strawberry in the top right. . . .I cringe a little as I confess that it feels awkward to me to use either of those two words anymore - black and/or dwarf - "political correctness" gone crazy.

I really love black Mondo, though, and this first batch never did very well in the spot I'd placed it in our rental house garden. I thought I'd get them out of there as soon as possible, and hope they do better at the greenwood.

Meanwhile, I dug up another batch of dwarf Mondo that had multiplied from three little sprigs to an entire colony. I lined the outside of Figaro's new clay pot with the little guys. Figaro will spend the summer in a pot and be transplanted into his permanent home at the greenwood this fall.

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