Saturday, May 3, 2008

hound of the greenwood

The boys have been growing apace. In two weeks, one of these guys is coming home to live with us. I have no idea which one and - truth to tell - I don't think I could bear to have to make the decision.

Luckily, we don't have to.

But I can hardly wait to know which one it's going to be! Meanwhile, there are preparations to make. Food to buy; a crate to acquire (check - found one today at a local yard sale, if you can imagine!); dog bed; leash; collar; check, check, check!

These are the last few days, pre-puppy. . . .

Now: what shall we call him?


Joyful said...

I think Kate and Jim would be happy to let you borrow their dog's name......somehow I think these guys look like a Luther!

the queen said...

yep, we keep coming back to "Luther". . . . I think he will be a very different kind of Luther than the other one! 'His own dog' - if you know what I mean. Not just another Luther-wannabe. grin!

Madame Money said...

What a lucky boy the new puppy will be. He will be busy marking 12 acres of his new territory. How handsome is he.