Monday, May 19, 2008

lotta happenings

The stone masons are back and have finished the stone arches and brick over the studio window and dining room door. I'm thinking only one more day and they'll be done with the rest of the stone. I'll miss seeing them. They have done such a splendid job.The well-diggers hit water at about 175 feet. It's a good aquifer, we're told. The picture below is of the well - not much to look at, but it should do the job!
Meanwhile, the replacement fireplace - to replace the one that arrived a few weeks ago, smashed - arrived.Bad news: it appears the replacement fireplace rolled off the forklift. . . .. . . and smashed.

OK then. Make way for fireplace number three!!! Let's hope the third time is the charm.

Inside, I discovered evidence that we won't be the first family to move into the tower. At least one family has already moved in, raised their young brood, and flown the coop.I admire their interior decorating: moss! A nice look - and comfy to boot.

The masons advise that there's a wasp's nest under construction over at the studio. . . .

Oh - and Jack's back!He oversaw a small crew of carpenters out back putting on the fascia and frieze board.

Pretty soon, however, there's gonna be a new dog in town. Blueboy.

He arrives tomorrow.

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