Monday, January 14, 2008

hold up

Not really. . . .

But I haven't been posting many new building pictures because they all start looking alike when you're looking at a bunch of two by fours. . . . (or two by sixes or whatever size they are).

Here's one problem area in the kitchen. This is a little pantry that was drawn in in the house plans. We'd decided not to have a separate pantry but instead to just do the regular kitchen counter and cabinets in that corner.

No one told Joe, the carpenter, and he roughed this in. The problem? I think I like it. But the king rightly points out that it will reduce countertop space and potentially crowd the stovetop, which is to the right of the pantry. . . . I'm torn. And I have to decide this week.


Meanwhile, we have an important new development: the roof rafters - or trusses, I guess they're called - arrive probably tomorrow. This is a very good thing - because that means we should be under roof in 2 weeks, and then the interior work can continue pretty much without regard to the exterior weather. Yay!

But it also means that I'll no longer be able to see the sky and the trees overhead from inside the house.
Somehow, that makes me feel sad. I'm going to miss that. I keep taking pictures so I'll remember how wonderful it was. (And yes - I know - it's also wonderful to have a nice warm, dry house! But I'm still gonna miss the blue sky directly overhead. . . .)

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