Tuesday, January 8, 2008

the king tree

Some of you may have noticed an additional "contributor" listed - briefly - here at the greenwood.

The king, however, has declined to participate in my silliness. sigh. So - reluctantly - I will take him off the menu, so that the queen tree picture will be displayed again. I hope. . . .

The main reason I wanted to list him, you see, was because I wanted to put up a picture of the king tree! But then when I listed 2 contributors, it appears that the character pictures no longer appear for either of them. So I have been stymied all the way around. No additional contributor, and - now - no picture of either king or queen tree!

So you've seen the queen tree. Right?
[I mean "correct" - queentree pictured left and - smaller - above right. . . .]

Here's the king tree! [pictured right]

Below is the tree that got me to thinking about finding a king tree.
It's perfectly splendid, but it lives outside the greenwood! Can't have a king tree that doesn't live here. . . . So I've been keeping my eyes open on walkabout and the other day I spotted him. The king tree.

What do you think?

By the way, queentree took a hit during the last windstorm. She's a bit shorter now. She still has her arm bent, however, forefinger to cheek, pondering. . . .

I guess these things happen when you have a real live tree as an avatar.

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