Monday, January 14, 2008

some new people

OK - so Parnell isn't new - that's him on the left - but we haven't met Richard yet (to the right) and below is Ike.

We continue to really enjoy the men we've met who've been working on the house. I imagine it's sort of the "how are ya" of the building trades - (namely, a toss-off line) - but they all say how cool the house is. We then say how glad we are they like it and how pleased we are with the quality of work they're putting into it.

Both sides seem pleased at the end of the conversation - toss-off line or not.

It's been important to me that the house be built on the same principles that we hope and pray our living there will rest upon. For one, that would include: "the peace of God that passes all understanding."

Anyway, I like to think that that's why they like the house, and that they're not just saying so.

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