Thursday, January 17, 2008

snow day!

Or so they're calling for. . . .

Nothing here yet, but the sullen, white-leaden sky that presages snow. Oh, and the "snow day" feeling of hunkering down and waiting.

We're going to go to the greenwood later today in hopes of seeing the roof trusses. I dreamed of them last night. They were very beautiful.

Like bones. The king said.


I'd never thought of bones as beautiful, but he's right. They are. It's just that - with humans - you don't usually get to see bones outside of the context of injury or death. Building houses, it's a different story.

Meanwhile, I thought of something else I could post a picture of, even though there's not much notably changed at the property these last few days. We ordered the roof finials, and a fleur de lis for the tower. They arrived. Now, for the roof to put them on!

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