Monday, January 28, 2008

roof and tower

Remember the front left corner? Here it is again. Finally - something is happening on this corner. We have a a roof! And to the right, you can see the beginnings of the tower. . . .
Here's inside the tower, looking out front.
And a goodly portion of the roof is on. The sky is still visible for a few days longer.
The house is finally starting to take shape.
This is so cool!


Anonymous said...

The place is coming together for sure! Looking forward to seeing the update in person soon. Enjoying Dublin...Will

Sheryl said...

It does look cool. Maybe I could come and see in person with you soon.

Joyful said...

Looks terrific! Those guys are really swift and good. I've got a about a thatched roof??? This reminds me so much of the village of Adare in Ireland! Maybe Barnes/Noble has something on Thatching for Dummies??