Wednesday, January 16, 2008

more concrete

We were hoping for roof trusses, but instead we got this.More concrete! A concrete slab for the tower. This ought to start looking interesting soon! Here's the back porch concrete slab.Meanwhile, the roof sheathing arrived.The king discovered that it's the wrong stuff. It's supposed to be 19/32" plywood [we're working in 32nds?!!]. What arrived was composite particle board in 7/16". . . . [another nice, round number. . . .] which, of course, translates to only 14/32". Or so the king tells me. I'm so glad he's so good with numbers!

Not much else going on as of yesterday, except for this, the roof over the little kitchen box window.

Inside, the kitchen is still giving me a really hard way to go. . . . I'm at my wit's end.

Maybe we'll figure it out tomorrow. Maybe after the trusses arrive.

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