Tuesday, January 22, 2008

raising the roof

It's scheduled for today!

Tom-builder advises that the crane arrives this morning and will hoist all the puzzle pieces into place. The king is coming home early and we're going down to watch. Oops - 'scuse me while I go recharge the camera batt'ries just to be safe!

OK. I'm back. But not for long. The king is home and we'll be off shortly to watch the roof raising. This, in spite of the general gloom of the day and plummeting stocks. . . .

Meanwhile, here are some final pictures of the house sans roof, with the sun streaming in.
It was sunny this weekend - but don't let it fool you - it was freezing!!!This evening, I trust we will have pictures of roof trusses on top of walls. . . . beginning to shut out the weather. Which, today, is a bit gloomy. Like I said.

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