Wednesday, January 23, 2008

one step forward, one step back. . . .

What a puzzle to put together!
OK. . . . the trusses are on. Looks like a cathedral, doesn't it?

Let's step back a bit to get a better overview. Here's the view from the living room (still uncovered) towards the kitchen, which is now covered by the engineered trusses.
Unfortunately, the studio is going backwards. . . . It appears that the trussing didn't match the elevation - meaning: "It doesn't look like the picture." They've torn out the offending trusses and I think they will "stick-build" this portion, to suit. Otherwise, we were going to be ending up with one tiny little stucco/timbered portion sticking up above the roof that would look rather like the triangle eye on top of the pyramid on a one dollar bill.

In the king's last house, he ended up with what he affectionately referred to as "Neal's tits" - the architect's miscalculation which resulted in two protrusions into what would otherwise have been a circular ceiling line.

"This would be more like a single nipple. . . ."

Anyway, it's gone now.


sheryl said...

Hi queenie! Sorry we've missed each other. I'll try again next week. I can't believe how far along your house is coming. When is the projected finish date? (I know that always changes...)

the queen said...

the earliest finish date I've heard tossed around is May/June. We'll be delighted to be in by August, even September.

Although I'd certainly prefer May! It leaves me some wiggle room to do some damage in the garden. . . .